08/02/2017 – This is the first post in the Blog page with the new Theme and website format. All previous posts may still be around but I am not certain of that at this time. If you feel that a previous post should be re-posted, let me know and I will look at it. Should you want to make suggestions for additions to the website, please send me an e-mail with your suggestion to webmaster@holynativity.org. Keep in mind this website is not Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. It is a website for Holy Nativity Episcopal Church. In other words a church website. Consequently, it uses a Theme that appropriately is called “Real Church” and seems to be consistent with reputation and practices of Holy Nativity Episcopal Church. If there are any objections to the structure or format of this site, you are welcome to attend one of the masses noted on the Services page, pray about it and talk to God.