EYC Fun Night – Birthday

The first Sunday of the month is devoted to Fun:

Previous fun activities have included scripture charades, water balloon fights, board games, capture the flag, flour sock fights, frisbee, football, kickball, lock-in and picnics.

The second Sunday of the month is devoted to Faith talks:

Past talks have been given by guest speakers talking about their Faith walk with the Lord, parishioners telling their own story of how Christ has led them to Holy Nativity, priests talking on life after death and Christian dating, how to share Christ with non-believers, determining your Spiritual gifts and Centering Prayer.

EYC fun night – bumper cars

The third Sunday of the month is devoted to Community Service:

Activities have included a trash walk from downtown Plano to the church collecting all trash on their walk, picking up trash around the church, devoting an entire season to cleaning the cemetery across the street, building the ramp to the Marecek building, removing the shed in the back of the church which was crumbling, cleaning the old playground area, cleaning windows and storage closets, helping in the food pantry, playing bingo at Cathedral Gardens, taking tray favors to the nursing home, organizing the annual Easter Egg hunt, setting up 100 chairs in the Parish Hall every month for the book club, decorating the church for Christmas, and serving at the annual Boars Head festival.

On the fourth Sunday of the month, leaders meet and plan the next month’s events. Our leaders for 2017 are Willie Wright, Margaret Wright, Andrew Ware, and Matt Leonard.

The EYC is always supported by generous donations of meals by parish members for their meetings. They would like to give a grateful and heartfelt thank you to all for the wonderful suppers which have been donated.

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NOTE – Congratulations to our Holy Nativity high school senior graduates: Matt Leonard and John Michael Estes

John Michael