Early History

This content comes from writings of Jackie Paddock, a founding member of the Church of the Holy Nativity.

On the first Sunday after Christmas in 1957 (December 29), the few Episcopalians who lived in Plano TX met at the home of Joe and Dorothy Lewandos on Parker Road. The occasion was a visit from the Reverend Don Clark, Diocesan Minister of Missions, and the Reverend Jose Vega. The discussion centered around whether those in attendance were interested in starting a mission in Plano. With unanimous agreement, and Father Vega leading, the group petitioned the Diocese of Dallas for mission status.

The Petition:

Reverend Father in God:

We, the undersigned, residents of Plano, Texas, Diocese of Dallas, being desirous of obtaining the services of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and being ready, according to our ability, to sustain the same, do hereby request you to inquire into our estate, and provide for us as you may deem proper and expedient. We do hereby declare ourselves individually and collectively ready to do what in us lies to establish and sustain the regular worship of the said Church, and promote its influence in our neighborhood: and we do promise conformity to its doctrines, discipline, liturgy, rites and usages. We put ourselves under your charge, and will reverently obey your authority. We promise conformity to the Constitutions of the General Convention, and of the Diocese of Dallas, and the rules and regulations of its convention. In accordance with these obligations and rules we now ask the privilege of being organized as a Mission under the name of Holy Nativity.


Richard Broadribb
Loren L. Paddock – Sr. Warden
Mrs. Loren L. Paddock
Vivian Newsome
Elva L. Bruton
Edith Broadribb
Mrs. J. A. Lewandos
J. A. Lewandos – Jr. Warden
Jackye Logan
Emily T. Blanchard
Clarence L. Blanchard
E. P. Logan

Accepted by the Bishop January 8, 1958

More to come….