“A Cooperative Effort to Help Those in Need.”

Community Service Volunteers: If you wish to earn community service hours, come to the Plano Food Pantry on Wednesdays (6:00 p.m.) or Saturdays (8:30 a.m.) to register and receive your schedule of work hours. The Plano Food Pantry building is located on the southeast corner of Holy Nativity Church just west of the intersection of 18th Street and Jupiter Road in east Plano.

The Plano Food Pantry works in concert with the Collin County Assistance Center who determines the eligibility of those who are seeking help. Anyone living in the Plano Independent School District may apply to the assistance center for food. The process begins by calling the Collin County Assistance Center at 972-422-1850.

The Plano Food Pantry began in a small alcove of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Nativity on 18th street in the late sixties. Its purpose was to provide food to families in times of financial difficulties. It was soon apparent that the tiny space in the church was much too small to serve the number of families in need. So in 1987, a new 2500 square-foot building was constructed to house the operations using a grant from the Meadows Foundation and many individual donations. Commercial freezers and refrigerators were added making possible the storage of perishable food items, so that today’s families regardless of size receive frozen meat, chicken as well as a variety of canned foods and perishables to feed the family for one week. Today the Plano Food Pantry has over 40 volunteers who receive, sort fill bags and distribute the food.

There are two major food drives each year. The Boy Scouts drive is in February and the USPS Letter Carriers drive is in May. These two food drives provide the majority of the canned foods for the entire year. The donated canned and packaged foods are brought to the Plano Food Pantry building, sorted and boxed. This inventory is used to restock the distribution center shelves, as needed. The remainder of the year the Plano Food Pantry depends on major drives by area hospitals, churches, schools, civic organizations and individuals who have monthly and even weekly drives throughout the year that keep the shelves stocked. The drives provide food and money to the Plano Food Pantry for use through the entire year. Cash donations are used to buy and preserve perishables, and other items such as toilet paper, soap and detergent not received in the food drives.

If you wish to have a food drive or make a cash donation to The Plano Food Pantry, please call 214-704-5689 or 972-424-4574.