Psalm 95: 1: “O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.”

Welcome to our music page at Holy Nativity Episcopal Church! Our past year has been an exciting one.  Our very talented choir learned 69 choral anthems that were offered to the Lord at services during the liturgical year, and we had three visits and guest recitals by internationally renowned organist Francis Vidil, Dean of the Department of Improvisation and Composition at Versailles Conservatory in France!  On this page you will find a link to the Holy Nativity Music blog, and YouTube videos of vocal, choral and organ music offered to the Lord at Holy Nativity for various services.  You will also find an MP3 of our choir from a service this past fall.

Music is an integral part of our worship at Holy Nativity.  Our worship is liturgical and Scriptural. Music for our Sunday Mass is selected according to the Scripture readings for each Sunday and the liturgical season of the Church year.  For special music, we alternate between having organ music, choir music, vocal music, and instrumental music of various types.

The purpose of liturgical music in the Episcopal tradition is to facilitate prayer and closeness to God during the liturgy and other worship services.  The purpose of sacred music in the Church is not only to glorify God, but also to aid in the edification, spiritual education, and sanctification of God’s people as they seek our Lord Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament.

We have a growing music program consisting of a parish choir, vocal soloists, and talented instrumentalists who all contribute their musical gifts to the Church in love and service to the Lord.  We always welcome any singers and musicians who would like to join us.  Choir membership starts from the age of twelve upwards.  We ask that those who join the choir have the ability to read music.  If you are interested in joining the choir but cannot read music, please see me (Gabrielle Bronzich, Organist and Minister of Music), and I can recommend a home study course for you so that you can learn to read notes and join us.

If you feel called to serve the Lord at Holy Nativity through the music ministry here, please contact me in the church office during office hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Wednesday through Friday, or on Sunday after services.  May the grace and peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of Holy Spirit be with you all (2 Corinthians 13: 14).

In Christ,
Gabrielle Bronzich, M.M.


 Ascension Day Music

Audio Links

800am (≈76 minutes)

Communion Anthem (6+ minutes, 10/09/2017)

1030Mass (94+ minutes)

Hymn 536 (≈4 minutes, 01/22/2017)

1030Mass (≈38 minutes, 02/05/2017)

Easter Mass 10:30 04/01/2018

1030Mass 04/08/2018