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"I will give thanks to You, O Lord my God, with all my heart,

And will glorify Your name forever."

Psalm 86:12

Giving is a way of life, rooted in our sharing in the life of Christ. It is our expression of thankfulness and acknowledges God’s ultimate gift of His Son for our salvation. A heart filled with the love of Christ leads to the generous act of giving to expand the Kingdom of God. Imagine what you want to give to a loved one, how much more do you want to give for the mission of Christ who gave you the gift of everlasting life by sacrificing his own? 

For the Christian, giving is not merely a matter of obedience and trusting God with all our resources and for all our needs. Giving is a response to God’s grace,  an overflowing of love through our resources so that the Gospel will spread, people will be served and God will be glorified.     

You have supported the mission of Holy Nativity through your monthly giving. You can also be a critical part of what God has for the future of our mission. You can leave a great legacy by gifts that outlast even life’s end. There are many ways to make a gift. Some have left bequests of their wills, leaving cash, securities, and real estate. 

Bequests and Wills

Every member of our church has the opportunity to continue the mission of the church by making a planned gift today through your Last Will and Testament or other estate plans.  You can leave Holy Nativity a specific dollar amount, a specific asset, a percentage of your residual estate, or any other gift which complies with our gift acceptance policy.

Retirement Plans

You can contribute to Holy Nativity through your retirement plan. Certain retirement plans, including IRAs, 401k and 403b plans, allow you to defer paying taxes until you withdraw income during retirement. However, after your death these accounts are often exposed to significant taxes.

As such, you might find it beneficial to contribute all or part of these funds to Holy Nativity while leaving other assets to your heirs. Simply name Holy Nativity a beneficiary of your retirement plan. You will retain control of the plan during your lifetime, and you can change your beneficiary at any time if your circumstances change.

Charitable Trusts

A charitable trust is a way you can achieve your current and long-term financial, estate and humanitarian goals. You can make an irrevocable transfer of cash, stock, real estate or other assets to a trust which produces income for the donor or other beneficiary, for a fixed period of time of up to twenty years or until the donor or other beneficiary dies. At the conclusion of the trust period, the remaining principal assets will be distributed to Holy Nativity. 

Bank Accounts, Securities, Certificate of Deposits

You can designate Holy Nativity as the recipient of a bank account or security. You can instruct any financial institution in which you have an account or the holder of a security to place your asset in a trust which will be transferred, upon your death, directly to Holy Nativity.


You will retain complete control of the asset during your lifetime and to give the remaining asset to Holy Nativity upon your death

Life Insurance Policies

You can gift your church with a life insurance policy when the policy is paid in full and Holy Nativity is named as the owner and irrevocable beneficiary of the policy.

You can name Holy Nativity as the primary or contingent beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy. A current income tax deduction is not available but this will result in a federal estate tax deduction for the full amount of the proceeds payable to the charity, regardless of policy size. You can also make an assignment or gift of a life insurance policy that you currently own or donate a new life insurance policy, approaches which allow a current income tax deduction.

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