Who is a Stephen Minister:

  • A Stephen Minister is a trained layperson in our congregation who will visit with you weekly, listening to your concerns and offering resources and referrals if needed.
  • A caring Christian friend who will pray with and for you.
  • A friend who helps the care receiver make his or her own decisions, not a problem solver telling the individual what to do.
  • An extension of the pastoral care of the Church, not a casual visitor or a professional counselor.

What Stephen Ministers do:

Stephen ministers provide one-to-one confidential Christian care-giving ministry to adults in our church community experiencing a crisis or tragedy in life. Ministers serve as compassionate, listening friends for hopeful, spiritual healing as individuals work through difficult life issues.

Who we serve:

We help those who are hospitalized, terminally ill, bereaved, in a job crisis, disabled, homebound, lonely, suffering from a chronic illness, experiencing separation and/or divorce, retirement, childbirth, and others needing a caring, Christian friend.

Who we cannot serve:

We are not qualified to serve as Care Givers for: minors, couples, families or other groups in crisis, those suffering from severe depression, those with personality disorders, manipulative persons, those dealing with abuse issues, substance abusers, chemically dependent persons, individuals exhibiting suicidal or violent behavior or persons requiring a mental health care professional.

What we provide:

  • Confidentiality: The Stephen Ministry program is strictly confidential by design. Care receivers can be assured that their confidences will be kept.
  • One-to-One Caring: Ministers only meet privately one-to-one with a care receiver of the same sex. Stephen Ministers are often called Care Givers while recipients are referred to as Care Receivers. God is the “Cure Giver.”
  • A Good Ear: We listen, clarify, encourage, and give support and hope.
  • Strong Program Support: Started in 2007, Holy Nativity’s Stephen Ministry program maintains a number of active trained Stephen Ministers. We also utilize trained Stephen Leaders to manage the program.
  • Training: Stephen Ministers receive more than 50 hours of initial training as well as ongoing education during their two-year commitment period. Additionally Stephen Ministry Leaders attend a full week of training.
  • Confidential Application: Each church member who wishes to receive care can expect an interview with a Stephen Team Leader. Confidentiality and privacy are maintained throughout the entire process and beyond.

For more information, please visit the Stephen Ministry website.

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